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Mayfield Garden announces dates for 2022 Spring Festival and the return of Glamping

Mayfield Garden has announced that its Spring Festival will take place this year from Saturday 24 September to Sunday 23 October.

Mayfield has also announced that Glamping will be available once again for the duration of the festival.  Visitors can complement their walk in the garden with an extraordinary night of luxury in one of Mayfield’s glamping tents, which is packaged with a three-course a la carte dinner in the renowned Mayfield restaurant.

The full 65-hectare garden – including the 50-hectare private family estate – will once be open for this year’s Spring festival.  Apart from experiencing the extraordinary blooms and colors of an awakening Spring Garden, visitors to the private garden also get to enjoy one of Australia’s largest English Box Hedge Mazes, the Mayfield Amphitheatre, Family Chapel, Water Garden, the Stumpery, and rowing on the Mayfield Lake.

The dates for this year’s Spring Festival coincide with one of the most beautiful and spectacular times to visit a cool climate garden like Mayfield – with rhododendrons, water lilies, paeonies, viburnum and wisteria just some of the plants showing their full colours at this time of the year.

You can bring a picnic lunch, book a table at our popular restaurant or take advantage of additional food outlets we’ll be offering during the festival.  Also, keep a look out for a new picnic product we’ll be launching this Spring.

The Garden will be open during Spring Festival from 9.00am each day.

Click here to book your festival and glamping tickets – https://mayfieldgarden.com.au/whatson/


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