Our Mayfielders in the nursery are passionate about what they do. Many of the plants you see in Mayfield Garden have been propagated and grown by our nursery team.

Our Nursery Mayfielders not only have over 75 years of combined experience but keep their skills current by working not only in the nursery but in the garden itself alongside our awesome horticulturalists. Mayfield Nursery guarantees our plants and is a fabulous resource for you to tap into regarding design and planting advice.

We stock a wide range of cool climate and exotic plants, including those you will see in Mayfield and Hawkins’ Family Garden. Mayfield Nursery Ticket Office and Cafe also offer a wide range of garden décor items and equipment to enhance your garden. You will also find Mayfield gift ideas and branded gardening products.

Mayfield Nursery is open 7 days from 9 AM – 4.30 PM and offers free delivery to local areas (within 50 km) for purchases over $200.


Summer Gardening Tips

Lawn Care Tips
Summer watering is vital to maintaining a lush green grass – 25mm to 35mm per week is enough to keep the moisture. It is important to monitor the soil moisture levels.

Trick: You can do this with a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver or a similar tool to probe the soil to check how deep the moisture is below the grass. Moist soil will stick the probe.

Remember that lawn root systems are shallow and that is where the moisture needs to be – in the top 150mm of the soil. Do not over water, if the water runs off, it is wasted. To avoid this, use shorter watering times and more frequently.

Tip: Remember not to cut your lawn too short. Maintain your height, or increase it, throughout the summer months this will help.

Tip: Keep an eye out for drying area’s – indicated by a bluish tinge – and water it asap.

Garden Beds
It is vital that garden beds are kept moist during the summer. Water plants regularly, and top up your garden mulch around the root zone.

Garden Trees
Summer is your chance to fertilise your ornamental trees, and you can prune lightly or under pruning to maintain their canopy height.

Fruit Trees
Stone fruit, in particular, should be pruned for shape and form during mid-summer, this reduces the chance of fungal outbreaks and allows the tree to produce growth for next year’s harvest.

Vegetable Garden Tips
Remember to only plant what you need for harvest and to leave room for your next planting, fertilise regularly. Maintain your tomatoes with staking and pinching out the lateral growth; this will allow air flow and better fruit production. Remove any dead or diseased material from your zucchinis squash and cucumbers.

Pests and Diseases
Watch out for fungal outbreaks on fruit trees and vegetables, pear and cherry slug on fruit trees and ornamentals, aphids on your roses, maples and birches.

Tip: Control fungal outbreaks with fungicides – preferably specific to the fungus: control slugs and snails with a pet-friendly snail bait and aphids by spraying a mixture of soapy water or white oil.

Trick: A simple 10% milk spray helps to control powdery mildew on grapes, roses, and vegetables.